ETJourney Global Distribution

We Can

Optimize the content and improve the identity for the tourism products

Help our partners with product orientation and differentiation.

Fix the sales vulnerabilities of traditional travel agencies

Wholesale Agency: OP pays little heed to product content packaging.
Organizing Agency: Inconvenience in product promotion.
Agency Store: Salesperson unfamiliar with the destination, lacking sufficient training.

Assist our partners in breaking through the profit threshold

Help both Chinese and foreign travel agencies integrate secondary consumption by adopting proper technology and thus increase profit.

Help to solve the HR management problem of local travel agencies

Provide technical support for local travel agencies, help local agencies formalize sound internal management systems.

Help to enrich the techniques necessary for traditional travel agencies

Solve the inconvenience of acquiring FIT customers offline for local travel agencies

Help to solve the high cost of acquiring customers online

By shifting to the business model offline to acquire customers

We dedicate ourselves to an eco-system of shared
operation & maintenance for global tourism industry

We work with the B-side of the tourism industry to break through the profit cap of products.

Our Recognition: We Are Currently

Reaching 116 Customers
Serving 156 B-side Customers
Covering 61098 Travel Routes
Implementing 51675 Projects


* In no particular order.